About Us

The management team of Atlas Medical have in excess of 70 years combined experience across a broad range of areas including:

  • Frontline Emergency and Primary Healthcare
  • Aeromedical Evacuation/Retrievals/Repatriation
  • Major Incident management
  • Operations Management
  • Training/Education
  • Confined space, Marine, Helicopter and Vertical rescue
  • Staff specialists in Scenario and Multi-Casualty training

Our Registered Critical Care Nurses and Qualified Paramedics are handpicked for their high levels of clinical and personal standards. Managing patients in remote and challenging environments is our specialty and to ensure world class standards, we source the highest quality staff and provide them with extensive support systems.

While there can be significant differences between healthcare providers, our company offer personnel with considerable experience and qualifications in managing Emergencies as well as the day to day issues like Cold and Flu, Wound Management, Skin/Chest infections, Ear/Nose/Throat… essentially those things that can mean lost hours or unnecessary evacuation if not managed quickly and effectively.

To ensure your Medical support meet the requirements necessary to deliver quality Healthcare in challenging locations, we have provided the following checklist as a guide:

Does your provider have –

  • Currently qualified and tertiary trained Paramedics and Registered Nurses?
  • A current State Government Health department ‘Drug and Poisons approval’ for medications used on site as legislated?
  • A Medical Consultant (Doctor) contactable 24/7 through digital and satellite technology?
  • An extensive list of approved Medications, including antibiotics?
  • Industry specific Insurance?
    • Work-cover,
    • Public Liability and
    • Professional Indemnity
  • Regular Clinical Recertification processes?
  • Regular Audit, Review and Clinical governance systems?
  • Packages included in major contracts such as
    • Nationally Accredited First Aid Training,
    • CPR Recertification,
    • Low Voltage Rescue (LVR) Training and
    • Seasonal Flu Immunisations

At Atlas Medical we pride ourselves on meeting all of the above criteria with an emphasis on Industrial Medicine and setting the benchmark for quality health-care for your workplace.