Human Resources

Atlas Medical believe the most valuable asset we have is our staff. They are handpicked for their clinical and communication skills, their attitudes and their strong work ethic. We encourage and support the growth and development of our employees as their input into our company is essential for the on-going development of our business.

In the same light we consider honest and open communication with our clients to be a critical component of our business association. We ensure that regular contact occurs with our clients in order to guarantee our relationship flows smoothly on all levels, that your needs are being met and the best possible outcomes are achieved.

While there can be a significant difference between companies offering remote medical support, we use only qualified and experienced staff and have the ability to down or upscale our health-care packages to suit your individual requirements, even to the extent of supporting your site with entire Healthcare coverage using a combination of Doctors, Registered Nurses and Qualified Paramedics. This not only provides various levels of onsite care, but also substantially decreases the footprint and impact on local community resources.

Atlas Medical continues expansion as a strong reliable company, underpinned by a highly motivated base of professionals that are focused on the delivery of dependable and skillful remote health-care to our clients.